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Here you're going to find all my documentations/buildlogs about my projects and RC stuff.
Older projects are moved to the archive for a better overview.
I hope they help you with your own projects.
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If you read this, you may prefer reading english. I'm going to translate some of the pages from time to time.
Please write me an Email if you are interested in one of my projects but cannot understand my german, so I know which one I have to translate next.

Latest entries:

11.06.2024 Hydroponische Tomaten im Dutch Bucket
11.06.2024 Hydroponik NFT Tischsystem
10.03.2024 Bobbycar. Neuer Gas- und Bremshebel
20.01.2024 Flipdot Display
12.07.2023 Bobbycar PCB
11.07.2023 Hydroponik Wasserstandssensor und Update
18.05.2023 Hydroponik
13.07.2022 Hoverbrett Gametrak Fix, Teensy Controller
12.04.2022 Stereo 3D Batchverarbeitung
13.03.2022 Sony RX100 Stereokamera
18.01.2022 Electric Typewriter Schematic
25.11.2021 RGBW Ambilight
06.07.2021 Multiroom Audio
17.06.2021 Bobbycar 10Ah Akku
31.05.2021 Bobbycar Controller
17.05.2021 Doppelrollo
10.04.2021 IoT Personenwaage
21.02.2021 Sensor ESP
13.11.2020 Audiomixer
28.06.2020 Tiny Whoop repair
21.06.2020 FPV Rucksack Rebuild
01.03.2020 DIY Serverrack
17.01.2020 Linux on WD Sentinel DX4000
22.12.2019 Bobby Car Controller
07.12.2019 Kabelummantelung für das Tischlicht
12.10.2019 Tischlicht
11.08.2019 Laminator Gehäuse
04.08.2019 Laminator Motor und Tonertransfer
29.07.2019 Laminator
05.07.2019 Boxcam Fotos